I will not disrespect my partner to please other people

Added May 12, 2011

I grew up in a church going Baptist family and was taught that gay people go to hell. I remember my Mom telling my Uncle that he was headed in the wrong direction if he didn’t “change his ways”. Even at a young age I knew he couldn’t “change his ways” because he didn’t choose the way he was and I couldn’t understand why my Mom didn’t understand that about her own brother. I knew she loved him but it was like she tolerated his “lifestyle” because she loved him. Even though it was never said out loud I always knew what his relationship was with his “friend”. I am happy to say that my uncle and his partner have been together for 37 years and are legally married in the state of California for 3 years now.

I didn’t even think about my own sexuality until I was an adult. I always knew I was different but I thought it was because I was adopted. I came out to friends when I was 30ish and to my family when I was 33. I have been blessed. My family and friends have accepted me for who I am and don’t try to change me. I have only had a few minor incidents with strangers and people at work but nothing to be concerned about. My partner and I just do what we would naturally do at home, we hold hands, we hug, and we show each other affection. I WILL NOT disrespect my partner, the woman I love, by denying her or our relationship to please or appease other people. I am OUT AND PROUD!!!